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Bible Baptist Church – Cork Bible Institute – New Testament Survey Class

Summary of 1Timothy – Dan Eberly – Dec. 2010

The Author – No doubt Paul the Apostle 1:1

Date written – Between the years 62-65 A.D.

Key Verse(s)

1Tim. 2:5, 6 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

      Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

1Tim. 3:15, 16  “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church
of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh,
justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.



The Focus of the Book – There was a need as the churches grew in number for certain aspects of church order to be plainly laid out.
The guidance from Paul under inspiration of the Holy Spirit is invaluable for us today. Clearly, a helpful verse for us is 1:3 “…that thou
mightiest charge some
 that they teach no other doctrine.”  I believe this sums up 1Timothy as all the other pastoral epistles in that there is pure and sound doctrine, and
 there are“…doctrines of devils;” Paul gives several charges to this young preacher which we shall see in this paper.

The different aspects of Church order this book deals with are:

1.     Importance of sound doctrine and genuine faith

2.     Prayer – (public) & Women’s place in the Churches

3.     Qualifications of Bishops and Deacons

4.     The walk of godly leaders

5.     The work of godly leaders

Note: I have decided to summarize by chapters (6) as they deal with Paul’s charge to Timothy (all church leaders) about the manner in which to
guide the New Testament Church.

Chapter 1

Verses 1, 2 – The Greeting

·       Vs.1 - Paul gives his authority to be an apostle of Jesus Christ in his greeting to Timothy. Paul says “…by the commandment of God our

·       Emphasis is placed upon the fact that the Person of Christ is our hope.

·       Vs.2 - The reference is made by Paul that Timothy is Paul’s son in the faith, which means (I believe) Timothy was a student of, or
discipled by Paul.

·       My reason for this is two-fold – 1. Paul refers to Timothy’s godly mother and grand mother who probably brought him to Christ at
 a young age. 2. The scripture says in 2Tim.3:14, 15 – that Timothy learned the scriptures from a child.


Verses 3-11 – Importance of Sound Doctrine

·       Vs.3, 4 – Paul’s reason for leaving Timothy in Ephesus – charge certain that they teach no other doctrine but what he learned was sound.

·       Timothy instructed to teach and personally not take heed to those things which only bring about questions with no godly edification.

·       Vs.5 - It is charity, a pure heart, good conscience, and genuine faith or trust in God that is most important for us to attain to not fables.

·       Vs.6, 7 Some have turned from truth to empty words thinking they are able teachers but in reality knowing nothing about what they teach others.  


Chapter 2 – Prayer and godly women

Verses 1, 2

·       Paul’s urge to Timothy (in light of the fact some have left the faith, 1:19,20) to do four things…

1.     Make supplications – requests for the needs of others

2.     Prayers – talking to God and asking for His help and provision

3.     Intercessions – Praying on the behalf of others

4.     Give thanks – a heart of gratitude and thankfulness

For Who? All men, kings, and all in authority! Why?

            It is for these people but also for us also. Always reminding us that we need God and we need to submit to His authorities over us.
" We are humbled when praying for the unbeliever, especially those who rule over us. It reminds us to live a godly, peaceful and honest life.

Verses 3-6

·       It pleases God when we submit to His ordained authority! These people need to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

·       Remind them there is one God – not many gods. One mediator – our reconciler – not many.

·       Christ Jesus is preeminent, the only Way, He paid the price of our redemption.

·       There is a time to testify – before it is too late.

Verse 7 – Paul speaks to his own God ordained positions which are:

1.     Preacher – Paul never lays claim to the pastorate, but a preacher of the Gospel

2.     Apostle – He performed all the signs and powers of an apostle, witness of the resurrected Christ

3.     Teacher – a separate position which he used to instruct many followers

All these he fulfilled by faith, speaking the truth, sincerely!

Verse 8  - Paul’s instruction concerning men praying:

·       It is the will of God to pray – do it!

·       Lifting up holy hands – a submissive spirit and righteousness in their actions

·       No wrath – no anger toward others

·       No doubting – full of faith and trust in the Lord

Verses 9-13 – Women – dress, subjection, teaching and childbearing

·       Dress modestly – orderly, neatly and not extreme

·       Shamefacedness – bashful, with a sense of shame for the naked body

·       Sobriety – A seriousness in attitude but not sadness or sorrowful

Not focusing on braided hair, fashions, and outward things such as jewelry, pearls, or other expensive worldly array.

·       A woman should show forth godliness, holiness and a life of good works.

·       A woman should learn but in silence and subjection.

·       Paul makes it clear that a woman is not to teach a man, or to be in authority over him but be silent.

·       The reason is because Adam came first and is the head of the woman.

·       Adam wasn’t fooled by the serpent, Eve was  and sinned because of her lack of discernment.

·       The woman would be helped or delivered from her past condition (this sad picture of deception) and demise by the pain and sorrow
of child bearing. The woman must also continue in:

1.     Faith – trust in the Lord and put her confidence in Him

2.     Charity – fruit of the Spirit, sacrificial love

3.     Holiness – living a godly and pure life

4.     Sobriety – serious minded

Chapter 3 – The qualifications for Bishops and Deacons and wives

Verses 1-14 – The Bishop or Pastor – A man who desires to oversee a flock desires a good work. This is a high office and is a
worthy goal for those who sense the call of God. I want to emphasize that the following qualifications are all in the present tense
“must be”. No man could fulfill all these requirements over his whole life all the time. Men are flawed at best.

Pastors – 1-7

1.     Blameless – beyond reproach, nothing to accuse him rightly of

2.     Husband of one wife – not two wives, not polygamous, faithful to that one wife

3.     Vigilant – watchful, takes spiritual heed of things and situations in his life

4.     Sober – alert, serious minded, temperate, sound mind

5.     Good behavior – not out of order, doing what is right

6.     Given to hospitality – entertains strangers, welcoming guests and open to others

7.     Apt to teach – ability and desire to instruct others

8.     Not given to wine – no desire for, open to or welcoming alcoholic beverages

9.     No striker – no desire to hit someone, fighter

10.  Not greedy of filthy lucre – not controlled by money, greedy of gain

11.  Patient – ability to wait on God,

12.  Not a brawler – not a bully or arguer, but peaceable

13.  Not covetous – not greedy for others’ possessions, a inordinate desire to have more

14.  Rules his own house well – oversees, and leads in his home as father and husband

15.  Not a novice – not too young in age, not immature, not recently saved

16.  Has a good report of them outside the church – a good testimony with unbelievers

Deacons – 8-10, 12, 13

1.     Grave – honorable, honest, upright men

2.     Not double tongued – speaks the truth plainly, reliable speech, what he says he means

3.     Not given to much wine – not welcome to any alcohol

4.     Not greedy of filthy lucre – not looking for gain, not greedy

5.     Holds the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience – that which was unknown or hidden and now revealed  - the gospel –
 is revered by the deacon

6.     Be proven – he is tested, examined and approved

7.     Blameless – there is nothing to accuse him of that would stick, beyond reproach

8.     Husbands of one wife – not two – polygamy, faithful to his one wife

9.     Ruling his children and house well – upright and overseeing his home and children right

Wives - 11

1.     Grave – honorable and upright

2.     Not slanderers – not accusers of others

3.     Sober – watchful, circumspect, careful, and vigilant

4.     Faithful in all things – a trustworthy woman in all dealings with everyone and everything

Verses 13, 1 4 - The deacon who serves well in his office will see an even greater respect and authority; and even greater
assurance in his faith that he has in Jesus Christ. I tell you this Paul says to young Timothy hoping to see him soon in his travels.

Verses 14, 15 – Timothy is encouraged to behave himself as becomes a godly man in the church which is the visible manifestation
of truth seen in the believers.

Verse 16 - There is no doubt about the greatness of godliness. God became a man (Word became flesh – John1:14) was
confirmed by the Spirit at His baptism, seen of angels at His resurrection, preached even up to this very day to all peoples,
people are being saved by this preaching of the gospel, He rose bodily into heaven at His ascension into heaven.

Chapter 4 – Departing the Faith – Latter Days

Verse 1-3 – A time comes when men will depart from ‘the faith’ = Jesus Christ and His word. They will obey evil spirits that
will seduce or draw them away. Also there will be the snare of false teachings. These false teachers will speak lies, though acting
as if it is sound doctrine. They are hypocrites. They are not ashamed of their actions because their consciences are hard and
calloused. Two of their unsound teaching which have led many astray:

1)     They will forbid to marry – no Bible basis

2)     Abstain from eating meats – God asks us to be thankful and realize what God has cleansed call not unclean or forbidden.

Verses 4, 5 – God has changed (or at least does not restrain) the New Testament believer from eating all different kinds of
previously restricted creatures. He tells us to be thankful. So eat your ham and say grace! The word of God and prayer set it apart as ok to eat.

Verse 6 – The man of God is to be diligent in instructing the people in good, sound doctrine. They are also to be an example of living by faith.

Verse 7 – Pay no attention to common fables and stories that are not biblical sound teaching. Train yourself to do right in that which pleases God.

Verses 8, 9 – Physical exercise and training has its profit but godliness and holy living profit greatly now and bring rewards in
heaven to be gained later. This is a truthful saying to be received, believed and obeyed.

Verse 10 - We serve and suffer if need be because our faith is in Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world and especially to us who believe.

                                                Command and Teach

Verses 11-16 – Some specific things to teach and instruct others. Good balance for the preacher.

Verse 12, 13 – Don’t be dismayed by those who may look down on you because of your youthfulness. It would be best to
exemplify these characteristics in your life before everyone.


Be an example in -

1)     Word – thoughts, and what you say

2)     Conversation – have good behavior in all areas of your life

3)     Charity – have sacrificial love, let this fruit of the Spirit be evident for all to see

4)     Spirit – have a good disposition and attitude

5)     Faith – trust in the Lord, rely upon Him in all situations

6)     Purity – live a clean and holy life, certainly be above reproach


Isosceles Triangle:  
                                    Be                    Balance                           Do      

    Verse 13 – Till I (Paul) come to see you give special attention to three things.

Do these things:

1)     Reading – study the word of God and read any other helpful, spiritual books

2)     Exhortation – comfort others when needed and draw near to them

3)     Doctrine – teaching, instruction, and learning

Take regard of your gift

Verse 14 – Paul tells Timothy not to be careless with spiritual things – God given qualities and helps – that were spoken
of and then confirmed in him by the laying on of hands by the elders.

Verse 15 – Think about what you have been told Timothy.

Note: - Every young preacher should listen and ponder the instruction of older and wiser men. Don’t let anything interfere
with these disciplines in your life. The furtherance of you own spirituality will appear and be helpful to all.

Verse 16 – Paul’s exhortation again – very important! Take care of your own walk with God and the doctrine you have learned
and live in them. Don’t move away from them! By your own spiritual exercising of these things you will keep yourself strong
spiritually and them that hear, regard, and follow you. 1Cor.11:1

Chapter 5 – Keeping Relationships right – verses  1-16 (Elders, young men, elder women, widows)

Verse 1 – Do not speak against or accuse an older saint; best to treat him as a father and respect his age. Treat the younger men
as your own brothers.

Verse 2 – Older women are to be treated as you would your own mother – respectfully, gently. Younger women should be treated
the way you would your own sister – guardedly. 

Verse 3 – True widows are to be esteemed highly in the church!

Caring for real widows and qualifying them

Verse 4 – Widows with children and extended family should be cared for by family and not a burden on the church.

Verse 5 – A real widow (with no other family, alone) trusts the Lord and is fruitful in her asking God to supply her daily needs.

Verse 6 – A widow that in and for pleasure is sinning and the “the wages of sin is death.”

Verse 7 – Timothy was to instruct the church with its families of these requirements and necessities so they wouldn’t do wrong.

Verse 8 – If a family or individual did not do right by his family or a widow in the family, they were seen as turning from the faith and
worse than an unbeliever.

The qualifications for a widow indeed

Verse 9 – Widows – 60 years of age or over and only one husband over the course of her life – note – “having been”

Verse 10 – Others could tell of her good works, raised children, hospitable and humble servant, took care of others and followed
closely to Jesus Christ.

Verses 11-13 – Under 60 years of age refuse because they still may desire to marry, and other things instead of a life of complete
dedication to Jesus Christ. They become less and less busy except in everyone else’s business by sowing discord and speaking gossip.

Verse 14, 15 – These younger widows are instructed to marry, and bear children and guide their homes. Be busy with their families so
 as to not give the devil a foothold to accuse. Some are already fallen away to the ways of the Wicked one.

Verse 16 – Those who are believers and have widows (indeed) in their families are to care for them and not to burden the church.

The Elders

Verse 17 – Older Christian men who hold office in the church should receive a double honour, especially those who diligently labor
in word and doctrine.

Verse 18 – The Old Testament teaches us (Deut.25:4) that labourers are worthy to be rewarded.

Verse 19 – Be careful when receiving a rebuke against an elder, without 2, or 3 witnesses. Deut.19:15. These witnesses must be a
witness of what you are rebuking the elder for, not patsys.

Verse 20 – But, if an elder is in sin he needs to be rebuked before all so they fear doing these sins. We have forgotten how powerful
godly fear is.

Verse 21 – Before God, Jesus Christ, and certain angels – Paul says that ruling elders were to be impartial and not preferring one over another.

Verse 22 – Don’t give a man rule in the church too quickly for he should be tried first. He needs to be proved so as not to be condoning
secret sins in his life.

Verse 23 – Timothy was instructed to use some wine medicinally for his ailing stomach.

Verse 24 – Some men you will see their sins and faults very quickly and openly, but, some will take some time in proving and watchfulness.

Verse 25 - On the other hand the good works in a man’s life will be seen and show themselves in his daily life.

Chapter 6 – Instructions and charge to Timothy

Servants and Masters – vs.1, 2

Verses 1 – Remind all believing servants (slaves) to honour their masters, both outwardly and especially inwardly – good attitude.
This honours God and the master will see proper Christian behavior. 

Verse 2 - Servants of believing masters should not despise them because they are both in God’s family and should be honored and
served because they are brothers.

Timothy charged to teach these things – vs.3-5

Verse 3 – Not teaching wholesome words – Some will not teach what they should but find and teach their own doctrine.

Verse 4 – These people are proud, ignorant men that give too much regard to things that only bring on questions instead of answers.
Their teachings produce strife instead of peace, envy instead of contentment and evil suspicions instead of godly love and edifying.

Verse 5 – Also come wicked arguments and debates from the wicked thinking instead of truth. Gain is not an indication of godliness and
those who think so and teach it are to be avoided.

Verse 6 – Living holy lives and being content with what God gives you is the greatest gain!

Verse 7 – We came into the world with nothing and it is certain we will leave with nothing.

Verse 8 – Food and clothes on backs should satisfy us.

Verse 9 – Money problems! Seeking riches open the door to temptation to sin and snares of the devil. The end of these things is destruction
 and judgment.

Verse 10 – The love of money is the root for all kinds of other sins. A love for money will cause you to depart from your trust in God and
 a reaping of many sorrows.

Verse 11 – Men of God are to flee these ways of destruction and follow after 1. Doing right 2. Holy living 3. Trust in God 4. Love like God
loves 5. Wait on God 6. Be humble

Verse 12 – Fight the fight of faith right to the end – heaven!

Verse 13 – A personal charge to Timothy before the Lord Jesus Christ (Who testified a good witness before wicked Pilate).

Verse 14 – Keep what I have commanded wholly so none can rebuke you with any credence, Till Jesus comes back!

Verse 15 – Jesus Christ will someday show His Power and Kingship above all.

Verse 16 – He is immortal – we are given immortality. He dwells in light – purity, holiness which we cannot approach or see. He is to be
 praised and honoured.

Verse 17 – If any person be rich, remind them not to be prideful or trust in their riches but in the God Who gave it to them.

Verse 18 – Those rich in monies should do good works and be willing to give.

Verse 19 – Their focus should be on storing up heavenly things against the end so that genuine saving faith is evident.

Verse 20 – Paul encourages Timothy to be a good steward of what God has entrusted him with – Jude 3. Steer clear of babbling,
empty and unholy speech. Also stay away from those who oppose God with their false science.

Verse 21 – Be careful of those who trust in knowledge, apart from the scriptuires for they have left the faith – Grace to you brother. Amen!

Concluding Thought

            The Bible is like no other book in that it is not a book of better ways or advice. The Bible is God’s instructions for life.
As Christians the Lord has given us His word in 1 Timothy on how to behave and run His church. We would do well to study and
obey its teachings. All of us at times have wondered if God just might not know exactly the situation I am in or confronting as a pastor
or leader. My counsel is that God knows and has already addressed the problem in His word. We have to decide if we are going to
implement these teachings and guidelines without wavering.  God’s mercy is greater than ours, as is His love, compassion and forgiveness.
 We must believe that when our emotions and thinking go contrary to sound biblical counsel. If there is a right way to go then follow
God’s Holy Spirit promptings and guidance and put away those thoughts and feelings that go against the scriptures. What a gracious
God to give us all we need to oversee and guide His sheep. Each of us should be thankful for books such as 1 Timothy which gives us
 a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Lean on it pastor, trust it, depend on it and build the church on it – sound doctrine.

Mark 16:15 "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

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